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Free Blogger Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Free Blogger Lightroom Presets is an attractive and eye-catching pack of Lightroom presets that will add beautiful colors, natural retouching, Balance, and tones. It will also improve any photograph’s quality to give you an eye-catching look with just one click, which will allow you to spend more time shooting and less time editing. Free Blogger Lightroom Presets will work perfectly for fashion, lifestyle, blogger, architecture, influences, kids, weddings, monuments, portraits, landscapes, travel, vacation, and a great choice for almost any kind of photography. It works in a non-destructive way to achieve a high-quality look.

With Lots of Lightroom Presets to choose from, you can try our exclusive free Lightroom Presets and if you feel like this presets works best for you, you can definitely check our lightroom Presets Store.

Free Blogger Lightroom Presets

Free Blogger Lightroom Presets have everything you need for your Photograph to give a fresh look with a variety of Unique and bright tones in it. Free Blogger Lightroom Presets will enhance your photograph and Free Blogger Lightroom Presets will give a premium touch to it. This Presets is Perfect For maintaining Symmetry between color tones, This Preset will give premium look to bloggers. This Presets isn’t limited to bloggers but suits everyone.

Free Download Lightroom Presets

You can freely use these presets for personal use, to get these free Lightroom Presets all you need to do is click on the download button present at the end of the page. These presets are sample Presets from the Premium Lightroom Presets. If you like the presets you can definitely give a try to our Premium Lightroom Presets. Also to run these Lightroom Presets you would require an Adobe Lightroom to run them on your Phone or Desktop.

Even if you have no idea how to use it or how it has to be done, We have made a detailed blog along with a video that would help you install and edit your Photographs. Also if you don’t like watching videos we have mentioned it in a further section. We have provided many freebies, you definitely need to check that out!

Using Lightroom & Presets

If you don’t have any idea, we just brief you on how you can do that and make that happen easily. At First, you would require the software and then adding the presets which you have downloaded. After that, your presets are stored in your Lightroom for lifetime browse preset like you are using a filter but here it would be in high-quality.

How to Use Install Adobe Lightroom & Presets

  1. If you are willing to use Adobe Lightroom in Desktop, you would require to install Adobe Lightroom Classic and if you are willing to use Adobe Lightroom in Mobile, you would require to install Adobe Lightroom.
  2. After Installing, For Desktop you need to import images in library section and Editing in Develop Mode. For Mobile you need to import images by clicking on plus sign and when you click on the photograph editing settings are open.
  3. To Add Lightroom Preset, you can browse the preset section of your developing section in both mobile & desktop and click on plus to import presets. you can defiently check our Video Tutorial which will make easier for you know it has to be done.
  4. After Applying Preset you can than export the images which has the presets on it. (Desktop – Right Click & Export & Mobile – Three Dots & Export)

Included With Free Blogger Lightroom Presets

Format: .XMP and DNG file format
File Size: 4 MB
Software Requirements: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Mobile

License: Free For Personal and Commercial Use
Author: Picartainment

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